I do commissions for personal use only (which means you can’t sell them or use them to train Artificial Intelligence projects) and I retain all the rights to sell them on my website and/or Smashwords afterwards (changing names for any characters if necessary).

My rate is about $0.04 (USD) per word, a minimum of 2000 words and a maximum of 9k. Payment is made via PayPal: half upfront, and the other half when the product is ready (and before I send it to you). For example: if you want a 2000 words story, then you'll have to pay $40usd before I begin writing and after discussing all the details with me. When the story is ready, I'll let you know so you can make the second $40 payment. After receiving it, I'll send you the email with the story in pdf/epub format.

I write exclusively dub-con or non-con because that’s my niche. You can add any kink you want except scat (watersport is fine) snuff, bestiality, and physical torture (bdsm is fine, but things like gore and mutilation no). All characters should be over the age of eighteen.

You can choose the plot and characters. I write in third person, no exceptions, but if you're here, you are already familiar with my writing style.

Waiting times (if I don’t have any pending orders at the time):

Up to 2.500 words — Three days.

Up to 5.000 — Five to seven days.

Up to 9.000 — One week to ten days.

If you’re interested, we can discuss and see what you have in mind. Email me at: 😊

For commissions, there are no returns or cancellations after the initial payment. Keep that in mind before purchasing. The price and these conditions are not negotiable.